If May was all about the Journey Builder 2.0, June was all about fulfilling the most prominent feature requests. Speaking of which, did you know that you can raise feature requests and view the product roadmap here?

What's new in Mailmodo this month? 

Get user insights by exporting widget submissions

Uncover insights and pulse - Export submissions from emoji rating, NPS, star rating, chip selection, and thumbs up/down widget.

Analyze in the tool of your choice - Export to Google Sheet, HubSpot, or to other platforms with WebhooksZapier, and Integromat. 

Boost user satisfaction with the email preference center

When users click on the unsubscribe link in the footer, they can unsubscribe from specific email types in the email preference center and receive other emails.

How to set this up:

1. Assign an email type (category) to every template. Don't see a relevant email type? Create a new email type and manage them all. 

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2. Identify user preferences and trends by tracking unsubscribers by email type from the contacts dashboard.

Step-by-step guide here ➡️ 

Save time by creating new segments from existing ones

Save time and effort by creating new segments by duplicating an existing segment and editing contacts and conditions.

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NPS Survey: Get a granular rating with enhancements

Whether you're using the NPS survey widget or NPS question type in forms; get a granular rating from unsatisfied customers with a 0 minimum rating

Provide help text for extreme values to help users assign an appropriate rating. Edit as needed based on the rating question.

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Automate targeted emails based on form submissions

Trigger emails in response to form submissions. Plus, take it one step forward by checking for specific form submissions and triggering emails. 

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Some more updates! 

  • Are you triggering a journey with a custom event? Split journey based on ‘custom event condition’ for better targeting.
  • See all journeys at a glance by clicking on Journey Tab. Search for your journey, and filter based on status and/or trigger used in the journey.   
  • Switch your Google Sheet account from old to new. Get notified on templates linked to older accounts via template suggestions. 
  • Save time by renaming journey, campaign, and template from the list page directly instead of opening each individual page.
  • Import up to 100 contacts in one call with the bulk import contact API.