You can use the NPS rating widget to gather feedback for products and services. Recipients can submit responses right inside their mailbox.

In this article we will learn how to setup and configure the NPS widget in your email template.

Step 1Click on Templates to open the template editor. 

Step 2In the editor, click on Plus button to add NPS rating widget as a new block.

Step 3Hover on Widget and Click on More.

Step 4: Click on NPS Survey Widget. 

NPS rating widget is added to your template. You can customise the design as per your requirements.

How to customise the design of the widget?

Step 1Click on the text to edit it. Use the in place text editor to customise the text.

Step 2Select the block to see the customisation options in the right menu.

It is upto you to decide whether you want the card or not and you switch it on/off anytime you want.

Step 3Select the style of the rating box from the right panel. You can choose between coloured and plain variations.

Step 4Select the minimum rating of the NPS widget as 0 or 1.

Step 5You can turn the help text on or off using the toggle in the right panel. Help text is the text written under extreme values of the NPS widget. 

You can edit the help text using the in place text editor.

Step 6Choose the colour of the background card. You can choose from the colour palette provided in the dropdown.

Step 7You can set the background colour of the block from the colour picker.

Step 8: You can change the outer padding of the widget by changing the length and width as per your preference.

Please note that the mobile padding remains fixed and cannot be changed. The desktop padding set by the user will not have any implication on the mobile padding.

That's it, you have successfully configured the NPS widget in your email template.