Using Mailmodo, you can set an automated trigger for journeys when there is a submission in the form used in a template. 

For example - Use this trigger, when you want to run a webinar registration campaign and trigger a series of emails when a contact registers for a webinar.

Key steps:

Step 1: Create a new journey.

Step 2: Select ‘Form submission’ as the trigger. 

Step 3: In the right panel, click on select the template button to select the template having the desired form or forms. 

Step 4:. Select the desired form in the dropdown. 

In case you want to run journeys just on the basis of submissions, click on the save button to complete the configuration. 

Or if you want to trigger the journey when a specific question is submitted, click on the trigger on a specific submission option to create rules for form questions.

While adding rules based on multiselect form inputs, use contains operator instead of equals operator

Step 5: Design the complete journey and click on the Publish button. Journey being published would mean that the journey is running and is waiting for submission in the selected form.

Please note: You will be prompted to map the form fields ( form selected in the trigger block) to personalization parameters in your send campaign block. 

For instance consider this flow, a. Trigger block --> b. send campaign block.

If there are personalization parameters in your template and subject line, you will be asked to map those parameters with the form attributes of the trigger block. This can be helpful when you wish to trigger a campaign based on form submission and personalize the content of your campaign depending on user input.