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Help CenterWhat's New2022September 2022; New Features in Mailmodo

September 2022; New Features in Mailmodo

Last updated February 21, 2024

Hey, great to see you here!

It’s the time of the monthly product update. A lot of exciting releases this month, the much-awaited Carousel widget is live! Displaying multiple images just became easier. We have also enhanced the integration with WebEngage and added a new delay to the Journey, this month. Here are all the details:

Add events to calendar with a single click inside email

Add events to calendar in email

Now, your recipients can add webinars, and other events to their calendar with a single click in email. Say goodbye to landing page redirects, ics file downloads or long winding steps to let recipients add to calendar. 

Increase attendance for webinar, conferences, summits, meetings and any other types of events. 

 Try it out 

Build templates faster with pre-made building blocks

Save time in template creation by assembling and editing pre-made blocks. These building blocks (Headers, Footers, Newsletters, Forms and Widgets) have been made after extensive UX and design research. 

 Learn more 

pre-made building blocks

Double-check your journey with the 'Test journey' feature

Test mail for journey

Prevent mistakes by checking the end-user experience for your email journey with the new “Test Journey” button. 

Improve your funnels by testing journeys before publishing, irrespective of journey trigger. Test directly, as shown above, if journey trigger is any of ‘external platforms’, ‘contacts added to a list’, ‘change in contact property' or ‘specific contacts’. 

Test by adding dummy data for

  • Form submission trigger
  • Occurrence of an event

If the dummy data matches trigger conditions, the test journey will be triggered. 

 Learn more 

Evaluate journey performance with “Preview Journey"

Preview journey

Evaluate the performance of each action in the journey to identify drop off points and optimization points - with the new Preview Journey feature. Plus, see the number of contacts at each step.

    Try it out 

Your forms just got an upgrade

Prefilled forms

Enable recipients to fill forms in a shorter time by sending forms with pre-filled answers like name, age and address. 

 See how it works 

Some more updates!

  • Add CTAs and links to your carousel slides to direct your recipients to a landing page if required.
  •  Now you can also trigger a journey for change in contact properties for contacts belonging to a particular list/static segment.     Check it out     
  • Create date-bound contact segments with new operators like On, After and Before to specify date filters for email activities and events.
  • Now it is possible to import and view date time values for contacts.

 Try it out 

And that's all for this month, folks! We'll see you next month with more tips & updates. Let us know what you want to see in Mailmodo by sending us an email at     or share your feedback     here    .

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