With Mailmodo's add to calendar widget, your email recipients can add an event to their calendar with the click of a button.


The event must be created on Google Calendar

How to integrate Google Calendar with Mailmodo?

Step 1Go to integrations from the vertical menu on the left. Locate Google Calendar from the list of integrations and click on authenticate.

Step 2Give Mailmodo the following permissions:

  • View and edit events on all your calendars.
  • See, edit, share, and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using Google Calendar.

Once the integration is complete, Google calendar will move to Connected platforms.

How to embed add to calendar widget in your email template?

Step 1Open the editor. Add a new block> navigate to widgets> more> select the Google Calendar widget.

Step 2The widget would be added to your template.

Paste the event URL in the right panel.

Where to find the URL?

  1. Open the event in Google calendar.
  2. Click on the three dots> Publish event
  3. Copy the link to the event

Step 3You can change the block color and button color from the right panel. You can also change the button text from the in place text editor. 

Step 4Click on Added to calendar step and use the in place editor to change the success message.

Step 5Edit the HTML fallback version to ensure that your email renders seamlessly across email clients.

Step 6Preview your template and send a test email to see how the email will look in your recipient's inbox.

Step 7Once done, save the template. Create a campaign using the template you created.

You are all set to use the add to calendar widget in your email campaigns!

The event will be added to the recipient's calendar based on the email client and calendar program they are using. 

The recipient's calendar will not automatically receive the event if the sender is not identified. Previously, clicking the 'add to calendar' call to action would add the event to the recipient's calendar, but now the recipient must accept the invitation for it to be added. Therefore, it is recommended that the sender sends invites to active users for better results.

How to deactivate and reintegrate with a new Google account?

1. To deactivate and re-integrate with a new account, go to Integrations from the vertical menu on the left and select "Deactivate".

2. Confirm that you want to deactivate.

3. Once confirmed, Add to Calendar will move to Available for Connection. You can now re-integrate with another account.