You can now build templates faster with pre-made blocks in the templates consisting of Headers, Footers, Newsletters, Forms, Widgets and Products. 

How to use Building Blocks in Templates.

Step 1: Go to Templates from the vertical menu on the left side and select Building Blocks.

Step 2: Choose from the categories of pre-made blocks. You can pick one or more blocks. Then click on Create Template.

Step 3: Use the editor to edit the block. Save and rename the template upon completion.  

Step 4: You can also Send test email or Campaign using the template.

Step 5: You can also save the individual blocks after editing them.

Step 6: Rename the block in the pop-up modal and assign it to its respective category.

Step 7: These blocks will appear under Your Saved blocks category of the building blocks

That's it! You can now build your templates much faster using these building blocks.