This article guides you through the steps to create a duplicate segment

Step 1: Go to contacts from the left navigation menu

Step 2Click on the overflow menu of the segment you want to duplicate and click on Duplicate

Please note that you'll only be able to duplicate segments for dynamic segments

Step 3: You can use the default name provided with the current date and time or rename the segment using the Name Segment field

Step 4: Use the default contacts selected from the source segment or choose contacts of your choice to Segment from the Choose contacts to segment dropdown

Step 5: Use the default Dynamic type selected from the source segment or select a new segment type as per your requirement in the Select segment type section and Click on Next - create condition

Step 6: Use the default conditions from the source segment or add new conditions as per your requirement using AND and OR, and click on Duplicate Segment

You've successfully duplicated a segment and it will be available in the Segments/lists tab.