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How to Setup a Shopify Product Review Campaign

Last updated February 14, 2024

You can do a lot of things with  Shopify in Mailmodo , one of them is gathering product review using widgets and exporting the data, to your preferred software stack. Follow the below steps to setup a Shopify product review widget:

1. Create an email template and tailor the content according to your use case. Add Shopify product review widget by navigating to Widgets> Shopify> Product review.

Gif showing how to add product review widget in Shopify inside Mailmodo

2. Once done, send a test email to ensure everything is working properly. Check the preview to see how the template will look across different devices.

Use this template in the journey. Add send campaign as an action and select this template while creating the campaign. Sample products will be replaced with the cart items in fulfilled or placed order.

This is how the template will look in an inbox.

Test email

3. You can view the submissions by navigating to the campaign performance section in Journey Dashboard > Select Campaign > Submissions.

Journey Dashboard
Submissions by email dashboard

You can export submissions as a CSV to perform data analysis.

How to export Shopify product review submissions to your software stack?

1. Once you are done creating the template, click on Form submission to other apps as shown in the screenshot below.

Form submission to external app position shown through image. It is located on upper right hand side near the save button

2. Add an app for Shopify product review widget.

Option to add an app to export submissions to.

3. Select one of the available apps. The following fields will be exported- product handle, rating, title and body along with other meta data.

Various integration options that are apps are shown in the image.

Learn how to export submissions to  Google sheets,  Make ,  Hubspot ,  Zapier  and  Webhook . Also,  learn how to export submissions directly to Shopify via .

If you face any problem then reach out to us at  Mailmodo Support  or share your thoughts at  Mailmodo Product Feedback .

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