Form submissions recorded in Mailmodo campaigns can be exported to Google Sheets.

Here is the step by step process to integrate Google Sheets with Mailmodo:

Step 1- Go to Templates from the vertical menu on the left and select the template for which the form submissions are to be exported to a google sheet.
(You can also create a new template and add a form for which the submissions will be exported)

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will select a pre made template. Click on Edit.

Step 2- In the template editor page, click on Form submission to external apps button in the top-right corner. This option is only available if your template has a form in it. 

Step 3- A dialogue box will open. Click on Setup under the Action column

Note- Click on the pen icon on the top to change the name of the form. 

Step 4- Google sheets would be visible under Available for Connection. Click on Click to Authenticate.

A pop up will open. Login to your Google account and give required permissions.

Once the integration is complete, Google Sheets will move to Integration Options. 

Click on Next.

Note- If Google Sheets does not move to Integration options, close the dialogue box, save the template and reload the page. Click on Form Submission to External apps. You should be able to see Google Sheets under Integration Options.

Step 5Either create a new spreadsheet or select a pre existing spreadsheet.

If you are creating a new spreadsheet, give it a suitable name. If you want to use a pre existing spreadsheet, paste its URL.

Step 6- Scroll down and map the respective questions with the corresponding sheet headers. For example, the question, "Please enter your name" can be mapped to the "Name" column header in your Google Sheet.Click on Save.

Now the template is successfully integrated with your Google Sheet and all submissions henceforth on campaigns with this template will be automatically sent to the selected Google Sheet

Here is how the exported form submissions will look in a Google Sheet.

Deactivate Google sheet integration

You can deactivate an existing Google sheet integration and re-integrate with a new Google account.

Step 1- To deactivate an existing integration, go to Integrations tab from the vertical menu on the left. 

Locate Google sheet in the connected platforms and click on Deactivate.

Upon clicking on deactivate CTA, you would see a modal  with a list of templates (which are using Google sheet integration) and the corresponding campaigns in which the template is being used. 

Template suggestions

Whenever a template (for which Google sheet integration is deactivated) is opened in the editor, the user will be alerted via template suggestions.

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