Using a product/personality recommendation quiz  helps personalize content, increase click-through rates, boost conversions, drive customer loyalty, gather valuable insights, and automate personalization. This enhances the overall effectiveness of email campaigns and improves customer engagement.

Step 1: Choose a template and create a product recommendation quiz with different steps and options for the user to choose from.

Step 2: After all the question steps add a step with the formula field and configure the formula.

Step 3: Under the Formula builder add the formula as the sum of all the questions and click on next.

Step 4: Add the desired numeric values to all the questions and click on save changes.

Step 5: Now, select configure form and under the step logic add the required step actions.

Step 6: Make sure to add the step action of the final question to redirect it to the final response step and skip the formula step. As formula step doesn't have to be shown to the user.

Step 7: Add the all the responses to be shown to the user based on the score in a single step.

Step 8: Choose the response and select Show/hide logic.

Step 9: Under the display logic choose to show/hide the text based on the score and click on save changes. Make sure to add the display logic to all the final responses based on the score.

Preview and send a test mail to make sure everything is working fine and your are all set to send the campaign.