Mailmodo provides the functionality to add conditional logic within steps in a form so that the user is directed to a specific set of questions/steps based on their previous responses.

Let's demonstrate this concept by creating an NPS form, wherein the user will be directed to different sets of questions based on the rating provided by them (in Step 1).

To do this:

Step 1: Go to Templates -> Create New Template -> Blank Template (you can also choose to modify a pre-existing template)

Step 2Once you have opened a blank template, click on Form, select NPS ratings from the drop-down list,

  • You can also select a 'Simple Form' instead of NPS, then delete the pre-existing question by selecting it  and clicking on the delete button.

  • Once the question has been deleted, add a new question by clicking on the plus + button. Select NPS from the list.

Note: Once a dynamic element such as a form is added, do not forget to edit the HTML version of the same by clicking on the 'Show HTML' button next to the form. This version will be displayed to users whose email clients do not support AMP (ex- Outlook)

If a step containing pre-filled values is skipped as a part of step logic, then the pre-filled value is skipped as a part of step logic
  • To edit the NPS rating range, select the question block. Select Maximum and Minimum value.

Step 3: Once the rating question has been fully configured, add the conditional questions in the succeeding steps. These steps will be selectively displayed to the user based on the ratings given by them.

As an example, let's create 2 different steps (step 2 & 3) after the rating step, with the condition that any user who provides a rating of less than 7 is directed to step 2, and any user who provides a rating of 7 or more is directed to step 3.

(Note: If the selected form type is NPS, by default 2 steps will be added to the form. The questions inside the steps can be modified/deleted by following the steps mentioned above)

Step 4: To add a new step to the form, click on the +  button. Edit/delete the questions in the steps through the process mentioned above.

Step 5: Once the steps and the questions have been added, configure the logic of the NPS rating step:

  • To do this, select the form (block) and click on the gear icon (configure form).

  • Form Configuration will open. Under Steps logic, click on Step 1->Add condition

Create two conditions as follows- 

If How likely would you recommend this to a friend or colleague? (STEP 1) Less than 7 Then go to Step 2

If How likely would you recommend this to a friend or colleague? (STEP 1) More than or equal to 7 Then go to Step 3

If the output is a string, the conditional operators would be Equals and Not Equals.

If the output is a numeric value, the conditional operators would be Less than, Less than or equals, Equals, More than or equals, More than and In-between.

Step 6: The logic is now configured. Upon clicking 'Submit' (after providing the feedback), the user is shown the 'Success' step.