Use Mailmodo's rich text editor to create simple text only emails. 

This feature is invite only. Please contact your CSM or send us a message to support@mailmodo.com to get this feature enabled for your account.

Difference between rich text editor and interactive editor

Interactive editor

Rich text editor

Email body alignment

Center aligned

Left aligned

Email body width

Fixed width (600px, 700px, 800px)

Full width

Basic elements

Text, image, button, divider, spacer, social, table

Text, table



Not supported

Forms and widgets


Not supported

Pre made blocks


Not supported

This is how an email created on RTE will look in the recipient's inbox-

While this is how an email created on the interactive editor will look in the inbox-

How to use the rich text editor?

1. Go to the templates tab and click on create new template> create text only template

2. Compose your email.

3. Once done, be sure to check template suggestions. Check the preview and send a test email to see how the template will look in the inbox. Once satisfied, you can use the template in campaigns.

Have any queries? Reach out to us via the chat icon on the bottom right corner of your screen or send an email to support@mailmodo.com