You can show or hide a block in a template based on the device on which the email is being opened i.e desktop or mobile.

For example, I have a button in my template which redirects to my play store app. This button is only relevant for mobile users. With the hide feature, I can hide this button for email recipients viewing the email on a desktop. The button will only be visible to those who are viewing the email on mobile devices.

Pre requisites

1. This feature is only applicable to blocks and forms. The feature is not available for widgets.

2. If the width of the device on which the email is being viewed is less than 480px, then mobile version will be shown. If the width is more than 480px, then desktop version will be shown.

How to hide a block based on the user’s device type?

Step 1: Select the block or form you want to hide. Scroll down on the right panel to find the hide feature. 

Step 2: By default the block will be shown on all devices. Select the device on which you would want to hide the block/form.  

In case of forms, you need to configure the AMP and HTML version separately.

Step 3: Once configured, check the template preview. You can toggle between the desktop and mobile version from the drop to see how the template will look on different devices.

Step 4: Send a test email to see how the template will look in the user’s inbox. Be sure to check the email on both desktop and mobile devices.

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