You can now add a carousel to your email templates to show multiple images in a single place.

Step 1: Go to templates from the vertical menu on the left. Click on Create New Template.

Step 2: Create a new template or select a pre-existing template.

Step 3: To begin your email with a carousel, click on Sell all >Interactive Widgets > Media > Image Carousel

If you want to add the carousel below an existing block, click on the Add Block > Widget > Image Carousel.

Step 4: The widget would be added to your email template. You can change the height of the block from the right panel.

Step 5: You can replace the default image from the right panel. Link the image to a URL from the right panel.

Be sure to add alternative image text to ensure accessibility.

Step 6: Click on the plus icon to add more cards. Use the in place options to move, duplicate and delete cards.

Step 7: Configure the HTML fallback version. You have two options for the HTML fallback-

1. Show only first image.

2. Show all images vertically stacked one below the other.

Step 8: Preview the template and send a test email to see how the template will look in the inbox.

You have successfully created a template with with the carousel widget. You can create and send a campaign using this template.