Polls are an ideal tool for gathering information and engaging your readers. With Mailmodo Poll Widget, you can now easily insert poll questions into your email template. 

Following are the steps to do so.  

Step 1: Create a new template. Click on Audience poll from Interactive widgets.

If you want to add a poll widget after another block (text, image etc), click on the added block->Plus button->Widget->More->Interactive Widgets->Poll

Step 2: A poll with default placeholder values with appear. You can edit the text by clicking on the respective block. 

You can add a poll option by clicking on the Add Option button. You can also delete poll option by clicking on the red cross.

Step 3: Select the text of the question to find a range of formatting options. You can use these to format the text perfectly.

Step 4: Use the right-side panel to customise the alignment, theme color, and background colour of the block.