With Calendly-Mailmodo integration, you can now share your calendar in the email itself. Recipient's can directly book slots on your calendar from their inbox.

In this article we will cover-

1. How to integrate Calendly with Mailmodo?

2. How to deactivate Calendly integration?

Calendly API V1 will be phased out by June 30, 2022. Users need to migrate from API V1 to API V2. Read more about the change here

Step 1- Go to templates from the vertical menu on the left-> Create New Template-> Either select a blank template or a pre made template.

Alternatively, you can go to the Integrations tab, select Calendly and follow the process from Step 4 onwards. Once successfully integrated, follow steps 1-3 to insert the widget in your template.

Step 2- The template editor will open. Click on More.

A dialogue box will open. Scroll to widgets, select Calendly.

Step 3- Alternatively, if you have selected a pre made template, click on the plus icon, scroll to widgets, select Calendly.

Step 4- Click on Calendly. It will prompt you to insert an API token to use this integration.Visit this URL to generate an API token. 
Go to Personal access token and click on Get a token now.

Give an appropriate name to your token.

Copy the generated token.

Paste the copied API token. Click on Confirm.

Step 5- Once integrated, select the Event URL and Timezone from the Right Panel. Your calendar will be inserted in the email template.

Note- Be sure to add the fallback HTML version for the Calendar Block.

How to deactivate the Calendly integration?

Users can deactivate the integration to setup new Calendly account. 

Once the integration is deactivated, it stops the integration in the running campaigns. When you activate the integration again, you need to go to the template and setup the widget to set it working for the campaigns.

Steps to deactivate from the Mailmodo account:

Step 1- Go to integrations page. 

Step 2- Click on Deactivate button. 

Step 3- Click on OK to confirm. 

How to migrate from API V1 to API V2?

Step 1- Deactivate existing Calendly integration by following the steps mentioned above.

Step 2- Re-integrate Calendly using the V2 access token

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