Users can use star rating widget to gather feedback on their products or services. Star rating widget enables your contacts to respond directly inside the email.

Let us see how you can set it up in your template and increase the feedback responses. 

Step 1: Click on Templates to open the template editor. 

Step 2: In the editor, click on Plus button to add Star Rating Widget as the new block.

Step 3: Hover on Widget and Click on More.

Step 4: Click on Star Rating Widget. 

Star rating widget is added in your template. You can customise the design according to your needs.

How to customize the design of the widget?

Step 1: Click on Texts to edit them from the in-place text editor pop up.

Step 2: Click on the Block to see the options on the right menu.

Step 3: Select the right size of the Stars from the options.

Step 4: Set the background color of the block and the card from the color picker on the right.

Step 5: Set the alignment of the stars.

And done! Your template is ready to receive more feedbacks.