Advanced configuration for forms lets you create dynamic forms that add or change questions based on triggers in your website or app. For example, a purchase on your website would trigger an email with form questions related to the product purchased by the user. 

Following is the step-by-step process to use Advanced Configuration for forms in your template: 

Step 1 - Add a form to your template from the editor

Step 2 - Click on Gear Icon (Configure Form)

Step 3 -  A pop-up will open. Go to Advanced and toggle Dynamic form to Yes.

Step 4 - Copy the JSON of the form and configure it according to your requirements in the backend. 

You can view the API Documentation for dynamic forms here.

Step 6 - Once your template is ready, save it and create a transactional campaign. 

Step 7 - Enable the transactional campaign. The trigger emails with the dynamic form will be sent to users following trigger actions on your selected platforms.