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How to add two column field in the form?

Last updated June 6, 2024


The two-column field combo allows you to create a combined field element with two individual fields displayed side-by-side in your forms. This is ideal for capturing related information in a more user-friendly format. For e.g. you want users to fill their salary details along with the currency denomination.

This guide details the functionalities and configuration options for the new "Two-Field Combo" form field in Mailmodo.

How to add two column field in forms?

Step 1 -> In the form builder, open the "Extend Flyout."

Step 2 -> Select "Two column field" from the list of field types.

How to add two column field in the form?

Step 3 -> This will insert the default configuration, which displays two dropdown fields side-by-side.

How to add two column field in the form?

Step 4 -> Configure the two-column form fields as per your requirement. You will have following customization options:

  1. Field Type -> Select the type of field you want side by side. You can choose between Dropdown and Text field
  2. Ratio -> Specify the relative width of each field using pre-defined ratios
  3. CSS customization -> You can customize the appearance of the field using the same options available for other form fields.

For drop down field type, you can either add the option manually 1 by 1 or upload a CSV list. The setup is exact the same as what we do for single dropdown field.

How to add two column field in the form?

Step 5 -> Once configured, you use the individual field in formula fields or export submission. These fields will be represented as <question label>_1 and <question label>_2 in the UI.

How to add two column field in the form?

Please following set of features won't be supported for two column field: 1. You cannot hide two column field 2. You cannot prefill value in two column field 3. You cannot use two column field as  decision question in the display logic feature . As an alternative, you can create a hidden formula field which uses the values of two column field and use the formula filed as decision question to achieve the same behavior. 4. You can setup validation for input field type in two column field.

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