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Help CenterEditor and TemplatesAdd forms in the emailHow to add a slider field to forms?

How to add a slider field to forms?

Last updated February 26, 2024


Slider field allows users to choose a number within a set range using a sliding bar. You can customise the range to fit your needs, making it ideal for various scenarios:

  • Financial calculators: Input key financial variables, set risk preferences.
  • Customer feedback forms: Gauge satisfaction levels with a slider.
  • Patient intake forms: Ask about pain levels or mood using a visual scale.
  • User surveys: Gather preferences on various aspects using a range selector.

How to add slider field in forms?

Step 1: Add a form in your template> add a slider field

How to add a slider field to forms?

Step 2: Configure the slider.

a. Set the minimum and maximum value

b. Add a label. You can add it as a prefix or a suffix.

c. Set the value by which the slider will increment.

How to add a slider field to forms?

Step 3: Once done, preview and send a test email to ensure everything is working properly.


Use the slider field in conjunction with formula field and display logic to create dynamic and interactive forms.

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