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HTML Fall Back of the AMP Block

Last updated July 14, 2024

Whenever you add an AMP element, you should also edit the HTML fallback version. This would make sure your emails would look perfect even if AMP emails fails to render for some of your contacts.

To do so, toggle to the fallback version.  Use the editor  to edit the fallback version.

HTML Fall Back of the AMP Block

There are specific reasons why AMP failure can happen:

  • Your sender domain is not approved for AMP emails by Google/Yahoo. 
  • Your contacts are not using a supported email client like Google/Yahoo. 
  • Your contacts are using a native email browser like Outlook, Superhuman, Thunderbird, Samsung email etc. 
  • Your contact's browser is not updated or using Microsoft Edge. 
  • Your contacts would have disabled dynamic emails in your email. If they enable it back from settings they would be able to receive AMP emails.

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