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How to engage with inactive contacts

Last updated December 24, 2023

Inactive contacts are email subscribers who have not opened or clicked your emails in the past. They may have signed up for your email list earlier, but for various reasons, have not been active or interacted with your emails. Sending emails to inactive contacts may impact your campaign performance and sometimes invite poor deliverability. 

For your marketing campaigns, ideally, active subscribers should be kept high in the audience list compared to inactive ones. But not always one can have that luxury. To engage with inactive contacts, you can use these strategies - 

1. Segment your email list: Identify users based on engagement history and further segment them based on various factors such as age, gender, location, and interests. This will help you to create targeted campaigns and increase the chances of getting a response from inactive contacts. Check this     resource     on how to create a segment in Mailmodo

2. Provide value: Your email should provide value to the subscriber, whether it's through informative content or exclusive offers. This will make it more enticing and can encourage subscribers to engage with your brand. You can try blog-based emails, newsletters, or a win-back     campaign    

3. Send a re-engagement campaign: Try a targeted email campaign that aims to re-engage with inactive contacts. You can offer special promotions or discounts, ask for feedback or offer incentives for re-engagement.

Keep these things in mind - 

  1. Remind users about upcoming deals or offers
  2. Follow up with them after they don't revert to your first email
  3. Collect feedback to understand the reason behind disengagement
  4. Ask them to manage your preference to get more relevant email content

Check these re-engagement     templates     or these re-engagement flows for     e-commerce     and     fintech     domains.

4. Personalize your emails: Personalize your emails by addressing the subscriber by name and tailoring the content to their interests and preferences. This can make your emails more engaging and relevant to the subscriber, increasing the chances of a response.

5. Optimize your subject lines: A catchy and compelling subject line can grab the attention of inactive contacts and encourage them to open your email. Try different subject lines and test their effectiveness to find out what works best for your audience. You can also A/B test your campaigns.     Know how    

6. In the end, if your contacts still don’t interact with your emails despite these actions, you can phase out such users from your email list. Check this     resource     on how to introduce a sunset policy for your contacts. This will help to improve your engagement rates and reduce spam complaints. 

By using these above techniques, you can reignite the interest of inactive contacts in your brand and possibly transform them into valuable customers.

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