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Creating an Email Template

Last updated December 25, 2023

You can make custom email templates as per your campaign requirements. You also have the option to save these templates for future use. To ensure you get the best fit for your email campaign, Mailmodo provides you with a host of template options. 

Here is the step by step process to create an email template in Mailmodo.

Step 1: Click on the “Templates” icon on the sidebar. Click on "Create new template" on the top right corner.

Creating an Email Template

Step 2: Either select a blank template or a pre made template (for specific use cases).

Creating an Email Template

Step 3After selecting the template, you will be redirected to the drag-and-drop template editor. You can customise the pre-made templates or design a new one by adding the desired elements.

Find a detailed guide on how to use the editor     here    .

Creating an Email Template

Step 4After editing, you can check the preview by clicking the Preview button to see how the email will look in your recipient’s inbox.

Creating an Email Template

Step 5: You can also send a test email to see how it will finally appear in the inbox. 

If you have added AMP elements, you will receive both the AMP and the (fallback) HTML versions. 

If no AMP elements are added, you will only receive the HTML version of the email. To learn more, check     How to test a template           

Creating an Email Template

Step 6If you want to send an email campaign with the current template, click on Send Mail on the top right corner. Proceed with the rest of the steps.

If you want to save this template for later, click on the Save button. You will be asked to rename the template. Once saved, you can find this template under the templates section.

Creating an Email Template

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