In this guide you will learn about all the Shopify pre-built segments available to you once you integrate with Shopify in Mailmodo

Pre-built segments are a set of predefined segments provided by default in Mailmodo. These segments are often used by most marketers and facilitate a swift start to refine your email sending strategy.

Please note that Shopify pre-built segments are only available once you integrate your Mailmodo account with Shopify. Check this guide on how to integrate with Shopify and this guide for pre-built segments available for non-Shopify user

Below is the list of pre-built segments for shopify users with their default description in Mailmodo →

A. Win back opportunities

This includes former customers who are not suppressed but have not placed any order in the last 180 days. It's advisable to create a winback flow to reconnect with these individuals, reminding them of the value your brand offers.


B. Churn Risks

Customers who have neither placed order in the last 180 days and nor engaged with the brand. This is a valuable insights into customers who may be on the verge of switching to a different brand. To prevent them from switching to a different brand, run personalised campaigns with incentives like discounts.

High one-time purchasers? Focus on retaining customers following their initial purchase. Use upsell and cross sell flows to guide them toward complementary products they may be interested in after a purchase.


C. Repeat Customers

Segment containing customers who have made multiple purchases from your store and is likely to do so again. Target them with branded content, as they are already interested and may require a gentle push towards another purchase. Check our exclusive guide on Repeat customer segment


D. High value Customers

A High value customer is someone who has made  frequent purchases ( placed order more than 5 times as per our default setting) and has invested significantly in your brand. You can modify this segment to align with your business preferences and the buying cycles of your customers.


E. Recent Customers

This segment contains customers who have placed order in the last 30 days. You should focus on retaining them using reorder campaigns or upsell and cross-sell complementary products.


F. Potential Customers

Potential customers are those who have not placed any order till now but are engaging with your brand. This is a good group to target with tailored campaigns, advertisements, and forms. They've already shown interest in your brand, and a gentle reminder might encourage them to make a purchase.