What are Pre-built segments?

  • Pre-built segments are a set of predefined segments provided by default in the segmentation. These segments are often used by most marketers and help you quickly get off on the right foot with your sending strategy

  • For instance, creating a segment of newly registered users on the platform enables you to establish a personalized welcome email series. Likewise, identifying a group of inactive users helps swiftly determine those who have received your emails but failed to engage, making it possible to launch a targeted re-engagement campaign. 

  • The following prebuilt segments are provided by default in the segmentation 

Pre-built segmentDefinition

New contacts (14 days)

Contacts created in the last 14 days

Active contacts (30 days)

All mailed contacts who have opened at least one email in the last 30 days

Inactive contacts (90 days)

All mailed contacts who have not opened any email in the last 90 days

Unmailed contacts (All time)

Contacts who have not been sent any email until now

Unmailed contacts (30 days)

Contacts who haven't been sent any email in the last 30 days

How to segment your contacts using Pre-built segments?

Step 1: Go to Contacts and Click on Create Segment 

Step 2: Select the preferred pre-made segment from the default options available 

Step 3: Viola! The Name of the Segment. Contacts belonging to, Segment type, and Conditions will automatically be filled by default, allowing you to Preview Count or Create Segment. Additionally, you can tailor the pre-filled information to fit your specific needs