It is available with the following plans in Mailmodo:








Step 1
Go to the Integration tab on left panel of the dahsboard. Select Click to configure below the shopify icon.

Step 02 - Click on Connect your store and fill in the API details and then Verify and Save as shown below

To get the API Key and password follow the steps in the document.

To understand the permissions Mailmodo would need to integrate, follow the same document.

Step 3Confirm the important details like, name of the shop, brand name of the product, website url of the store( starts with https:// ), and upload the logo

Add the email address for the two cases

  1. When you want to send the order notifications to the customers.

  2. And, when you want to send support related emails.

    And then click Next

Step 4: In the payment details section, you can select the ‘cash on delivery’ option if there’s a chance that your customers would not like to pay online.

To enable the online payment for your customers you can choose the payment gateway to receive payments from the email campaigns.

a.) To Integrate your ‘Razorpay’ account with Mailmodo, Click on the ‘ Razorpay’ button.

  1. Add the Razorpay Key Id and the Razorpay Password by reading the steps from here

b.) To Integrate your ‘Stripe’ account with Mailmodo, Click on the ‘Stripe’ button.

 1. Add the Stripe Public Key and Secret Key by reading the steps from here.

Click on Save details and complete the step.

You would see a dashboard with the store name and the payment gateway details. You can edit them by clicking on the edit option or move onto creating campaigns for your customers. 

How the properties of a user in Shopify will be integrated into Mailmodo? 

Property name in ShopifyProperty name in MailmodoData type in Mailmodo
emailEmail AddressString
idcustomer_id, shopify_idString
default address.address1address1String
default address.address1address2String
default address.citycityString
default address.provinceprovinceString
default address.provincestateString
default address.countrycountryString
default address.zipzipString
default address.zippostal_codeString
created_atcreated_atDatetime (ISO)

Other Shopify properties apart from the above mentioned will not be stored in Mailmodo