In this article, we will tell you how to add UTM parameters in email templates in Mailmodo.


UTM codes track online marketing campaigns and are short text snippets added to a URL's end. They help website owners identify traffic sources, mediums, and campaigns, and can track email, social media, and referral marketing channels.

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Adding UTM Parameters In Email Templates in Mailmodo

Here are detailed steps on how you can add UTM parameters to your email templates in Mailmodo:

Step 1: Go to templates in Mailmodo.

Step 2: Select a pre-made template or start one from scratch.

Step 3: You can edit the URL for your icons and buttons on the right panel. Here you can add UTM parameters to be tracked

To personalise the links for each contact, you can add ${dummy_parameter} in place of a particular parameter. 
For example,
In the following link,${medium}
The "utm_medium" parameter specifies the marketing medium that different visitors may use to access a link, such as email or social media, and this can vary for each individual contact which is made available in the link.

Step 4To see how this works in your campaign, create a bulk campaign.

Here are detailed steps on how you can trigger a bulk campaign.

While creating the bulk campaign, you can map your personalisation parameters used in the email template to personalise the link for each contact.

Once you have created a bulk campaign, the contact will receive an email with all the relevant UTM parameters attached to the link he/she clicks on. 

Here is how you can create UTM parameters with a UTM Code Generator in Google Analytics.