With Mailmodo, you can easily import contacts by submitting a form through the Form Action URL. A Form Action URL specifies the location where a web form's data will be submitted when the user clicks the "submit" button in the form. You can use any form of your choice, what you simply need is the form action URL from Mailmodo.  

Using the Form Action URL provided by Mailmodo, you can import contacts in real-time without the need for complex programming or custom integration. This feature streamlines your contact management processes and ensures your contact list is always up-to-date.

Follow these simple steps to add contacts through forms in Mailmodo.

Step 1: Go to Contacts Click on Add Contacts and select Add through forms. Alternatively, you can Go to Integrations and Click on Click to configure on the Connect forms card

Step 2: Create a new list or select an existing list to add your contacts via a form.

Step 3: Enter the domain from which the submissions need to be accepted. Submissions from this domain and its subdomains are accepted. You can also add multiple domains separated by commas.

Step 4: If you have a success page address, select Yes and enter the success page address. Users will be redirected to email.mailmodo.com/thanks by default, if success page address is not specified for HTML forms 

Step 5: Copy and paste the URL shown in Step 2/3 as the submission action in your form.

Alternatively, you can share the URL and the steps with the developer using Share with developer option.

Please ensure that the name attribute of one form field is labeled email Also, ensure that the name of form fields match the corresponding contact properties in Mailmodo.

Step 6: Send a test form submission for mapping your form fields to contact properties in Mailmodo and click on Map form fields

Step 7: Map the fields in your form to corresponding contact properties in Mailmodo and click Save

Viola, now the contacts submitting your form will be imported in Mailmodo. 

Overall, using a Form Action URL to import contacts into Mailmodo provides a simple, secure, and efficient method for managing your contacts, and can help streamline your contact management processes