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Bounce rates higher than 3% and 5%

Last updated December 24, 2023

In email marketing, bounce rate is the metric that measures the overall percentage of the email addresses from your subscriber's list that didn't receive the email because those recipient's mail servers returned them to you.

While email bounces can occur for several reasons, the benchmark for a healthy bounce rate is less than 2%. Higher bounce rates not only affect the individual's sender reputation but also the sending IP of Mailmodo as well. Since this can affect the deliverability of campaigns sent by other users as well, there are certain actions Mailmodo takes for senders with high bounce rates:

  • For bounce rates higher than 3%, you will receive a warning that your account will be banned from Mailmodo if the rate goes above 5%. 
  • For bounce rates higher than 5%, your account will be banned permanently and you will not be allowed to send any more campaigns using Mailmodo.  

You can prevent your account from being debarred by checking the best email marketing practices and finding ways to reduce your bounce rate. To find more actionable steps, refer to this article:     12 Ways to Decrease Email Bounce Rate    

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