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Font selection in email template

Last updated May 7, 2024

Typography is an essential part of email design. Choosing the right font can make or break your email experience. Mailmodo offers a range of fonts to ensure your email design aligns with your brand guidelines and your email renders seamlessly across devices and email clients.

Types of fonts

There are three kinds of fonts which we need to consider when designing an email-

1. Email safe

2. Web safe

3. Web font

Email safe fonts

Email safe fonts will render correctly across all browsers, devices and email clients.

These are fonts that are pre installed in the email recipient's device. These fonts are already installed in major operating systems like windows, macOS, android and iOS. 

Email safe fonts are considered the most accessible and the chances of the email client altering your font are minimal.

Email safe fonts include-

Times New Roman
Courier New
Trebuchet MS
Sans Serif

You can find these under the Email safe category in the font dropdown.

Font selection in email template

Web safe fonts

Web safe fonts will render correctly across most devices, browsers and clients. These fonts are installed on the majority of devices. 

There is a chance that your font can be altered because the device does not support the selected font. In this case, we will revert to a fallback font.

Web safe fonts include-

FontFallback 1Fallback 2Fallback 3
HelveticaSans-serif --
Comic Sans MS*ArialSans-serif-
Palatino LinotypeSerif--
Lucida ConsoleMonospace--
Lucida GrandeLucida sans unicodeHelveticaSans-serif
Arial BlackSans-serif--
Arial MT Condensed LightArialSans-serif-
Arial NarrowArialSans-serif-
Century GothicHelveticaArialSans-serif
Book AntiquaGeorgiaSerif-
CambriaGeorgiaTimes new romanSerif
CandaraTrebuchet MSArialSans-serif
ConsolasLucida consoleCourierMonospace
ConstantiaTimes new romanSerif-
Franklin Gothic MediumArialHelveticaSans-serif
French Script MTTimes new romanSerif-
Segoe UITahomaSans-serif-
Segoe PrintArialSans-serif-
SylfaenTimes new romanSerif-

You can find these in the Web safe category in the font dropdown.

Font selection in email template

Web font

While email safe and web safe fonts are system fonts (i.e are installed in the user’s device and come with the operating system), web fonts are downloaded by the browser.

Since web fonts are supported by a select few email clients only, there is a high chance that your font will be altered by the email client. In case the font is not supported by the email client, a fallback version will be rendered. 

Major email clients that support web fonts are-

  1. Apple Mail
  2. iOS Mail
  3. Outlook for macOS 
  4. Outlook for iOS and Android
  5. Thunderbird

Certain versions of Outlook on Windows support web fonts as well.

Major email clients that do not support web fonts are-

  1. Gmail
  2. Yahoo Mail

AMP for email does not support web fonts. Web fonts will only render in HTML emails.

Web fonts include-

FontFallback 1Fallback 2Fallback 3
LatoHelveticaArialSans serif
MerriweatherGeorgiaTimes new romanSerif
Open sansHelveticaArialSans serif
Ralewaysans serif--
RobotoHelveticaArialSans serif
Playfair displayGeorgiaTimes new romanSerif
Nanum Gothic CodingMonospace--

You can find these under the Web fonts category in font dropdown.

Font selection in email template

It is a good practice to thoroughly test your email across clients and devices before sending it out to your audience.

If you have any queries, then reach out to us at  Mailmodo Support  or share your thoughts at  Mailmodo Product Feedback. 

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