Upon selecting a contact, discover a wealth of information organized into distinct tabs. Explore details about the contact's properties, enrolled campaigns, participated journeys, and involved events. Dive into a comprehensive view of your contact's engagement.

This article outlines the information available in various tabs after selecting a contact.

Step 1: Select contacts form the dashboard on the left -> Select All Contacts -> Choose a contact 

Step 2: After selecting the contact, explore details under the available tabs.

Properties Tab

This tab provides details of contact properties such as email, first name, and last name. Click Show all properties to view additional details. Edit the contact's properties by selecting the Edit properties button.

Campaigns Tab

This tab displays information about all campaigns the contact is a part of. The campaign type can be observed in the top right corner, while the campaign details include the title, subject line, sent date and time, status, and AMP submission information.

Journeys Tab

This tab gives information about all the journeys the contact is a part of along with the status on the top right. The journey can be viewed by selecting the Preview journey.

Events Tab

This tab gives information about all the events the contact is associated with. You can view the event details be selecting the View properties option.