By using Mailmodo’s form action URL you can use your existing forms on tools such as Webflow, WPForms, Typeform etc. that you already have implemented on your website, landing pages or standalone forms while still getting the advantage of our action URL to add your contacts to Mailmodo.

Setting up your action URL

  1. Go to Contacts, click on “Add Contacts” and select “Add through forms”. Alternatively, you can Go to Integrations and click on “Click to configure” on the Connect forms card.

  1. Add a new form and complete the onscreen steps. You are required to set up a list name where all your contacts will be added and the domain name where your form is hosted.

  1. Add your success page address if you have any else, we have got you covered with our default page. 

  2. In the Step 2/3 of connecting your form you will find the option to copy your action URL. You can copy this URL and paste it in your form action attribute of your tool.

Using your form action URL with Webflow

In your webflow form settings, paste the form URL into the “Action” input. Update the form text field settings so the “name” attribute of one form field is labeled “email”.

Please make sure the contact properties that you map already exist in Mailmodo with the same name as present in your form. You can add new contact properties via CSV or by API.

If you’re unsure of the contact properties, go to Mailmodo and check the list of contact properties.


Can I trigger a journey based on this form submission?


I don’t have a success page for my form, would this feature still work for me?

Yes, you can use the default success page provided by Mailmodo while connecting your form to Mailmodo. 

Can I send data to my other systems (backend, other tools etc.) as well when submitting data via forms to Mailmodo?

You can do that outside the form but once your form is connected to Mailmodo using an action URL your contact data will only be added to Mailmodo. You can route the same data in multiple ways to send data from Mailmodo to your other apps and internal systems. Example here. 

Can I change the mapping of my form attributes to Mailmodo attributes after the test submission of a form? 

Yes, the mapping can be changed any time after the test submission happens. The connected form has an option to manage your attribute mapping.

What to check if the error is showing as “refused to connect”? 

Check that, attribute name should be correct. Also, the attributes should be in the small case as mentioned in the document and within the product as well.