In this article you will learn about how HubSpot lists are imported into Mailmodo.

All lists from HubSpot are imported automatically into Mailmodo with the prefix 'HUBSPOT_'

For example,

If you have list1, list2

Mailmodo will show it as HUBSPOT_list1, HUBSPOT_list2

Additionally we add an extra list ‘HUBSPOT_allEmails' which has all emails from hubspot.

However, there could be situations where you notice a mismatch between your HubSpot and Mailmodo data, and this could be attributed to either of the two possible reasons:

  1. The email address saved for a particular contact in HubSpot may be invalid.

  2. Data sync between HubSpot and Mailmodo takes place on an hourly basis and there may be times when data does not match due to delay in updating. 

You can check the ‘last updated on’ section to see when the latest sync happened.

The following screenshot shows how a sample list is imported from HubSpot into Mailmodo: 

To know more about Mailmodo<>HubSpot Integration, click on this link.