Mailmodo provides the user with the following ways of adding contacts on the portal. These are:

  1. Import from CSV

  2. Add manually 

  3. Import from apps

  4. Add through API

  5. Add through Mailchimp

To know more about contacts, you can refer to this article.

1.Import from CSV: It is the easiest way for a user to upload contact lists to Mailmodo. Users can quickly import a list of people from another system or to create a manual segment—a static group of people via a csv file containing the required contact details. 

For detailed steps on how to import contacts from csv, refer here.

2. Add Manually: Have a scattered lists of a small number of contacts you gathered and want to upload on the platform? Well, contacts can be added manually by the user on Mailmodo in a few simple clicks. You can copy and paste upto 50 email addresses by yourself at once.

3. Import from Apps: There are certain apps users have subscriptions to for a smooth functioning of their organization and in case they have contacts saved in their databases, Mailmodo provides integrations with them for the user to import contacts more easily. Integrations can be done from the Integration menu which is available in the left panel.

For detailed steps for each integration of each app, click here.

4. Add through API: API integration works best when you want to programmatically add data to Mailmodo. This can be used to maintain an updated list of contacts in Mailmodo when a user registers on your website or a lead being created in your CRMYou can obtain further details from the screenshot given below. For detailed steps on how to import contacts via API, click here.

5. Add through MailchimpMailchimp is another email marketing platform and if you are planning to switch from Mailchimp to Mailmodo, we provide the perfect way for you to do so. You can integrate your Mailchimp account and import contacts to Mailmodo in a few simple clicks.