The See preview option in Activity logs and View status option in Test Journey enables you to view the journey path of the contacts. traversed by the contact will be shown

In the journey builder 

  • The path traversed by the contact will be shown
  • The path not traversed by the contact will be greyed out
  • The step in which contact is waiting will have a blue dot 
  • The steps which the contacts have completed will have a blue check mark

View Journey Path from Activity Logs

Step 1: Select the Journey in which the contact is enrolled

Step 2Go to Activity logs and scroll to Contacts log and click on See preview

View Journey Path From Test Journey

Step 1: Open Test Journey from Journey Listing Page, Journey Builder, or Journey Dashboard

Step 2: Enter the email address for which the test journey should be sent and click on Test Journey 

Step 3: Go to Check status and click on View status