WebEngage Integration enables you to use the Mailmodo campaign activity data in WebEngage.

This article provides an overview of Mailmodo's Integration with WebEngage and the steps to set it up.

Please visit this article if you're looking for steps to trigger emails in Mailmodo using WebEngage as an External Trigger

If you are triggering emails in Mailmodo using WebEngage as External Trigger, by setting up the WebEngage integration, you will be able to create segments, campaigns, flows, or dashboards in WebEngage using their campaign activity data.

Sample use cases include triggering a push campaign in WebEngage for all the users opening or clicking a particular campaign from Mailmodo, or creating a dashboard of all the users submitting a form from Mailmodo.

As a part of this integration, the below-mentioned data will be sent back to WebEngage via the Events endpoint

We need the user_id (ID) of the email recipients mandatorily to push the events and hence it should be configured in the body while setting up the WebEngage Transactional (Trigger) campaign. 

  • MM Email Opened
    • Campaign Name
    • Email Subject
    • Campaign ID
  • MM Email Link Clicked
    • Campaign Name
    • Email Subject
    • Campaign ID
    • Link URL
  • MM Email Form Submitted
    • Campaign Name
    • Email Subject
    • Campaign ID
    • Template ID
    • Template Name
    • Form ID
    • Form Name
  • MM <Template Name> Form Submitted
    • Campaign Name
    • Email Subject
    • Campaign ID
    • Template ID
    • Template Name
    • Form ID
    • Form Name
    • Form Submissions
The responses entered by the email recipients (along with the questions) for the forms will be sent as Form Submissions
  • MM Email Bounced
  • Campaign Name
  • Email Subject
  • Campaign ID

How to set up WebEngage integration?

Step 1: Go to Integrations from the left navigation menu

Step 2: "Click to Authenticate" on the WebEngage card from the Available For Connection section

Step 3Select your Rest API Host from the drop-down

Please select the Rest API Host as per your Dashboard URL. The following table describes the dashboard URL, and the REST API hostname associated with it. 






Step 4For the getting the APP ID and Data API Key, Go to Data Platform > Integrations > Rest API in WebEngage

Step 5: Paste the key in Mailmodo

Step 6: Click on Test and Save

For testing we'll send a sample event with name "MM Email Opened" with user_id as "hello@mailmodo.com", will reflect at WebEngage

  • You're all set! If WebEngage sends a successful response, you'll see a "Setup successful" message and the WebEngage card will move to the Connected Platforms section and
  • The campaign activity data mentioned above will be sent to WebEngage for all the emails triggered from Mailmodo with WebEngage as an External Trigger

How to access the data sent at WebEngage?

Step 1In WebEngage go to Journeys → + → Create new journey

Step 2In the Journey builder, drag and drop Occurrence of Event and select your event of choice.

Step 3: Add your next event as Call API. Add a connector to this from the event, to call the action whenever the event is triggered.

Step 4Build your API Request, Select POST and paste your webhook url from Mailmodo. Set your body as picked from Mailmodo.

Step 5: Test your response, Review and Save.

Step 6: Publish your Journey.

Step 7Through postman call your Event API 

Sample Event curl

curl -X POST <HOST>/v1/accounts/<YOUR_WEBENGAGE_LICENSE_CODE>/events \

    --header 'Authorization: Bearer <YOUR_API_KEY>' \

    --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \

    --data '{

        "userId": "johndoe",

        "eventName": "MM Email opened",

        "eventTime": "2018-09-15T18:29:00-0800",

        "eventData": {

                "email_subject": "First shirt on us!",
"campaign_id": "123",
                "campaign_name": "New Customer Discount"



Step 8Once you hit the API, your Journey will be triggered.

Step 9Once your campaign is sent, go to your Users Dashboard in Journey. Select the user from whom the event has been triggered.