Zapier can be integrated with Mailmodo for the following use cases-

  • Importing contacts to Mailmodo (guide)

  • Exporting email form submissions to your web applications (guide)

  • Triggering an email campaign through Mailmodo (guide)

Here is the step by step process to integrate Zapier with Mailmodo-

Step 1 - Go to Integrations from the vertical menu on the left. Enable Zapier by clicking on 'Click to authenticate'.

Step 2 - You will be redirected to the Zapier Integration page. Click on 'Integrate'

Step 3 - A dialogue box with an API key will open. Copy the key.

To access the key in the future, go to Integrations->Locate Zapier in Connected Platforms->See Details

Step 4 -  Visit Zapier and build a Zap by choosing a relevant trigger app. Select Mailmodo as the action app. 

Configure Mailmodo according to the action you want to perform.

Step 5 -  Connect your account by pasting the API key copied from Mailmodo.

Step 6 - Once Zapier-Mailmodo integration is complete, Zapier will move from Available for Connection to Connected Platforms.