Zapier can be integrated with Mailmodo for the following use cases-

  • Importing contacts to Mailmodo (guide)

  • Exporting email form submissions to your web applications 

  • Triggering an email campaign through Mailmodo (guide)

Here is the step by step process to integrate Zapier with Mailmodo-

Step 1Go to Integrations from the vertical menu on the left. Enable Zapier by clicking on 'Click to authenticate'.

Step 2You will be redirected to the Zapier Integration page. Click on 'Integrate'

Step 3A dialogue box with an API key will open. Copy the key.

To access the key in the future, go to Integrations->Locate Zapier in Connected Platforms->See Details

Step 4:  Visit Zapier and build a Zap by choosing a relevant trigger app. Select Mailmodo as the action app. 

Configure Mailmodo according to the action you want to perform.

Step 5: Connect your account by pasting the API key copied from Mailmodo.

Step 6: Once Zapier-Mailmodo integration is complete, Zapier will move from Available for Connection to Connected Platforms.