• Integrating your HubSpot with Mailmodo allows you the ability to trigger emails in Mailmodo using HubSpot as an external trigger, sync your HubSpot contacts into Mailmodo, export Mailmodo form submissions into HubSpot, and sync Mailmodo campaign activity data into HubSpot. 
  • This article provides an overview of the integration and the steps to set it up.

Please visit this article if you're looking for steps to trigger emails in Mailmodo using HubSpot as an External Trigger

Step -1: Go to Integrations from the left navigation menu

Step - 2: "Click to authenticate" on the HubSpot card from the Available For Connection section

Step - 3: Click on "Integrate" on the HubSpot integration page

Please ensure that you've not disabled pop-ups for manage.mailmodo.com in your web browser

Step - 4: In the ensuing pop-up, enter your HubSpot credentials and log in

Step - 5: Choose your account and provide requested permissions to Mailmodo in the next step.

Your HubSpot-Mailmodo integration is now set up.

HubSpot contacts sync to Mailmodo

  • Once the connection is established, your HubSpot contacts and lists would be imported to Mailmodo. 

Please note that Mailmodo automatically syncs new contacts added to your HubSpot account every 24 hours.

Mailmodo campaign activity sync to HubSpot

  • After the integration is successfully setup, Mailmodo will sync the below campaign activity data for all the emails sent from Mailmodo to HubSpot using HubSpot's Timeline Events
  • Using the above data, you'll be able to create lists or trigger workflows in HubSpot. Sample use cases include a List of all the users who have opened a mail from Mailmodo or trigger a workflow for all the users who clicked on a particular link from a mail, etc
  • Email Opened
    • Campaign Name
    • Email Subject
    • Campaign ID
  • Email Link Clicked
    • Campaign Name
    • Email Subject
    • Campaign ID
    • Link URL
  • Email Form Submitted
    • Campaign Name
    • Email Subject
    • Campaign ID
    • Template ID
    • Template Name
    • Form ID
    • Form Name
  • Email Bounced
    • Campaign Name
    • Email Subject
    • Campaign ID

Please note that we sync the above data only for those contacts that were imported to Mailmodo from HubSpot. 

i.e If you send an email from Mailmodo to a contact that doesn't exist in HubSpot, then the camapign activity for the same will not be synced to HubSpot. 

This is done to avoid a new lead creation at HubSpot's end. 

If you'd like to sync the data for all the contacts, please contact us

How to access this data at HubSpot?

On a contact's timeline

  • Select Contacts from the Contacts drop-down and select the contact for which you want to campaign activity.

  • Click on Filter activity and Select Mailmodo under Integrations

  • You'll now be able to see the Mailmodo campaign activity of the user

  • You can also use this data to create a list or trigger a workflow