Adding additional users to your Mailmodo account allows you to collaborate with your team members and manage your email marketing workflows.

In this article, we'll cover how you can add or remove team members from your Mailmodo account. 


The total number of Team members in an account varies with the pricing plans.

What types of users can be added to the account?

There are 2 types of users that can be added to your Mailmodo account:

  1. Full access users: They can perform all actions in the account

  2. Limited access users: They can perform all actions in the account except downloading contacts, managing team members, and managing API keys. You can specify if a user will have limited access during the invitation. 

How to add a team member to the account?

Step 1: Go to Settings > Team Members

Step 2: Click Add Team Member 

Step 3: Enter the team member’s email address and set permissions

Step 4: Click Send invite on email

Step 5: Your team member will receive an email asking them to Accept Invite & Join Team

Please note that the link in the invitation expires after 7 days and you can always resend the invitation

Step 6: On successful registration, they will be added to your team

Please note that if your email is already associated with some account in Mailmodo you will not be asked to set password again. You can login with your existing credentials. 

In Mailmodo, you can add an email to multiple accounts as a team member. Check this guide for more information

How to delete a team member from the account?

Please note that you need to be a full access user to delete another team member

Step 1: Go to Settings > Team Members

Step 2: Click Delete corresponding to the member you want to remove from the team

  • After you delete a user, they'll be logged out automatically and you can add another team member to the account as required

  • In case you have accidentally sent an invitation, you can always delete it post which the invitation link will no longer be valid

  • Please note that the primary user (initially signed up user) cannot be deleted and users will not be able to delete themselves

  • Also, if you wish to change a user's access after adding them, please delete the user and invite them again with updated access.