Step 1: Go to the template you want to edit in the Templates section on the left panel of Mailmodo dashboard.

In case you want to know which templates are being used in your journey follow the steps below or go directly to Step 5 to edit your template.

Step 2: Click on 'Journey' in the left panel and select the desired journey.

Step 3: In the next window, as shown below, click on the campaign for which you want to edit your template

Step 4: Click on the Summary section and you will get the details of the campaign and template used as shown below.

Step 5: Go to the templates section from the left panel and search your template and click on edit.

Step 6: After editing, click on 'Save and Update' and select the option 'Save and Update for campaigns'

Step 7A pop-up box will appear re-confirming that the changes will be made to all the transactional campaigns using that template. 

Click 'Save and Update'

Your journey will now work with the updated template. Follow the same steps for editing other templates.