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Connect multiple input connectors to a node in a journey

Last updated May 6, 2024


The objective of this feature is to enable the connection of multiple input connections to a single action node within a journey. This enhancement will streamline journey management, reduce unnecessary duplication of the same flow, and allow for more sophisticated and efficient journey design.

How does it work?

Let's consider a scenario in which you're orchestrating a journey to send a series of reminder emails for an upcoming webinar. Once the webinar concludes, you aim to send out emails with webinar recordings along with coupon codes.

Following this, you intend to dispatch a comprehensive email containing additional resources about your product. Previously, accomplishing this in the workflow demanded a laborious process, involving the replication of the same sequence three times.

However, the introduction of multiple input connectors has transformed this journey into a streamlined and organized process. Now, you're able to significantly reduce redundancy and complexity.

With this enhancement, you no longer need to create identical flows thrice; instead, you can consolidate the sequence, resulting in a cleaner and more manageable journey.

Connect multiple input connectors to a node in a journey

By leveraging multiple input connectors, you've effectively eliminated unnecessary repetition and intricate clutter. As a result, the journey's design has become more intuitive and easier to manage.

Few things to remember:

  1. You will be able to connect two or more connectors from any action node to any other action note.
  • You cannot connect multiple input connections to Opened, Clicked, and Submission nodes
  • Also, you cannot connect Yes and No paths coming from the same node to another action node
  1. If you have added any of  "Clicked"/"Submitted"/ "Form submission" condition nodes, you can set multiple rules by selecting URLs or questions from the dropdown.
  2. You can connect these multiple rules as inputs to another action node such as the "Send campaign" node.
  3. This would mean that, post publishing the journey, whenever a contact reaches any of these blocks, check the rules set and direct the user to the respective node.

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