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Events Dashboard

Last updated May 8, 2024

Dashboard Parameters

  • Event name - Name of the event
  • Total events - The total number of events received
  • Total contacts - The total number of unique contacts who have performed the event
  • First seen - The date on which the event was performed for the first time
  • Last seen - The date on which the event was performed for the last time
Events Dashboard

View properties

Click on View properties to see the event properties sent along with the event and their data types.

Events Dashboard
Events Dashboard

Please note that we only show the properties that we've received the first time you've sent the event by default. The above refresh option updates the properties throughout the platform considering the last 100 events received

View recent events

Click on View recent events to view the last 5 events received. 

Events Dashboard
Events Dashboard

Select JSON from the dropdown to view the event in the JSON format.

Events Dashboard

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