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Email as an Identifier

Last updated December 24, 2023

What is an identifier?

Identifiers are unique values that represent contacts. In Mailmodo, every contact in the system is uniquely identified using the email address of that contact. You identify, add, and update contacts using their identifiers by importing contacts in the system via API, CSVs, manually or by integrating other apps.


1. In case the email address is not provided, the contact is completely ignored.

2. Once the email address is assigned to a contact in the system, it cannot be changed, updated or duplicated to a new one in the existing contact. If a user wants to change the email address of a contact, they will have to create a new contact altogether.

3.The variable used to represent emails associated with contacts is ‘email’.

Emails are used as identifiers in Mailmodo to track contacts before they convert to customers. 

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