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Importing contacts in Mailmodo via HubSpot

Last updated November 18, 2023

In this article, you will learn how to import contacts in Mailmodo via HubSpot.

    Here     is the step-by-step guide to integrating HubSpot with Mailmodo. The integration with HubSpot is necessary before moving forward.

Once the connection is established, your HubSpot contacts and lists will be imported to Mailmodo.

Whenever a new contact is added to your HubSpot account, the contact would be added to Mailmodo as well.
By default, Mailmodo regularly syncs and updates contact information from HubSpot every hour. If you want to change the sync frequency, please contact   support  .

How will the properties of a user in HubSpot be integrated into Mailmodo?

    Default properties in HubSpot    Property name in MailmodoData type in Mailmodo
EmailEmail AddressString
First namefirst_nameString
Last Namelast_nameString
Date of birthbirthdateDatetime (ISO)
Phone numberphoneString
Marital statusMarital statusString
Relationship statusRelationship statusString
Field of studyField of studyString
Graduation dateGraduation dateDatetime (ISO)
Military statusMilitary statusString
Work emailWork emailString
Job titledesignationString
Job functionJob functionString
Company namecompanyString
Start dateStart dateDatetime (ISO)
Close dateClose dateDatetime (ISO)
Street addressaddress1String
Postal codepostal_codeString
Time zoneTime zoneString
Record ID hubspot_idString
Create datecreated_atDatetime (ISO)
Any other   default properties   from HubSpot apart from the above mentioned will not be synced to Mailmodo. Please   contact us   if you want to sync other default properties.
Custom contact properties will be synced to Mailmodo as created in HubSpot.

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