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What are custom events and how to send them to Mailmodo?

Last updated December 24, 2023

This article serves as a definitive guide for understanding custom events, their properties, and prerequisites for sending custom events to Mailmodo

Please refer to this article if you are already sending custom events and looking for steps to segment contacts based on custom events

Custom Events

  • Events are individual actions people perform in your app, your website, etc. Some examples include a user signing up, viewing an item, or wish listing an item
Please note that Mailmodo automatically captures user actions on mail viz. opens, clicks, form submissions, or email sends under Campaign Activity
  • Now, you can send such actions that you're already tracking to Mailmodo as 'Custom Events' and use them for creating targeted segments and running personalized campaigns
  • After sending custom events, you can segment your contacts on the occurrence as well as the not occurrence of these events and the time frame of the event occurrence. 

Event Properties 

  • While sending an event, you can also send additional information that adds context to the event taking place as event properties
  • For example, while sending the signed up event, you could also send event properties, such as the signup method, signup source, subscription plan, etc 
  • You can then use these event properties to filter using segments further thereby hyper-personalizing your campaigns and taking your segmentation to the next level
Please note that we only accept events and properties names with type as String and properties values with type as String, Number, Boolean, and Date

Sample events

{ "email": "",

    "event_name": "Product Viewed",

    "ts": 1649133629,

    "event_properties": {

        "Name": "APPLE iPhone 13 (Blue, 128 GB)",

        "Category": "Mobiles",

        "Is Purchased": false,

        "Price": 829,

        "Currency": "USD"


{ "email": "",

    "event_name": "Course Attended",

    "ts": 1649133729,

    "event_properties": {

        "Name": "Machine Learning",

        "Subject": "Data Science",

        "Is Free": true,

        "Rating": 4.9



How to send custom events to Mailmodo?

  • You can send the events that are pertinent to your email marketing use cases using the Add Event API
  • Please visit the     Add Event API     documentation for more information
Please note that if you send a new email address using the Add Event API, a new contact will be created

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