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Why is my campaign shown aborted?

Last updated December 25, 2023

It is frustrating to know that the campaign you created is aborted and has not been sent to the selected contacts. 

We understand that, and that is why here's a list with reasons and actionable steps which would help to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. They could be just technical glitches or issues related to your email marketing practices. 

  • Daily sending limit exceeded - Every Mailmodo user has a daily email sending limit based on their billing plan. You can check yours from the   billing section   and understand if the sending limit was exceeded when the campaign was aborted.
  • Unverified Sending Domain - It means when your added Sender email address is not verified yet. You can check the status from the   sender settings   page and complete the verification. Read this   document   to learn how to verify the sender's email address. 
  • Blocked Sending Domain - Sending domain gets blocked due to high   bounce rates   for campaigns. Users get notified of the block in case the bounce rate increases up to 5% or more.
  • User canceled the campaign when in progress - While the campaign is being sent and the status is still in progress. We have an option on the dashboard to cancel the campaign. And as a user, if that is clicked, the campaign in progress gets aborted.  
  • Suspicious practices - There are cases when users use the platform for suspicious practices which do not fall in the purview of email marketing best practices and are harmful to the recipients. In those cases, the campaigns are aborted from sending.
  • Unusual sending activity - When the system detects unusual sending activity as per the email marketing standards it warns the user and if the suggested improvements are not visible the campaigns get aborted.
  • Invalid or deleted sender id - When the added sender Id is not valid due to expired domain ownership or is a completely wrong sender Id, the campaign gets aborted. Also, if the sender Id is part of a campaign and at the same time it gets deleted from the settings page, the campaign would get aborted and it won't be sent.
  • Authentication error with SMTP - There could be a case when the Mailmodo system is not able to authenticate the connected SMTP. With the due process of authentication, it can be resolved in your connected SMTP account. Here are the   help docs   to understand the authentication process for your SMTP. 

We suggest our users follow the best practices in their email marketing processes and do not delve into ways that hamper the system for all the users of the product.

In case, if there are technical issues with our system that have led to campaign abortion, please connect with our support team at - to resolve the issues at the earliest.

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