This report provides you with the contact engagement graph available for a list, you should be able to see how contacts present in your lists have engaged with you recently in the last 30 days

What will you be able to do using this report?

  • You can check the engagement and other things like to check how contacts who belong to a particular list are engaging with your emails.
  • You can experiment sending campaigns to the same list to find your engaged contacts for a particular list and segment them using one click segmentation from this report itself. 

How to access this report report?

Log in to your Mailmodo account.  

Navigate to the "Contacts" section from the left navigation

Open the "Segments and lists" tab and hover on the list that you want to analyse.

Click on the report icon to see the detailed contact engagement of your contacts present in this list.   

Information included in this report

This report contains the below metrics to understand engagement in the last 30 days. 

Opened : Contacts who have opened at least 1 email in the last 30 days 

Clicked : Contacts who have clicked in at least 1 email in the last 30 days 

Submitted : Contacts who have completed at least 1 an AMP submission in your email in the last 30 days

Unmailed : Contacts who have not been sent any emails in the last 30 days 

Unengaged : Contacts who were sent at least 1 email but haven't engaged with any emails inn the last 30 days

This report shows engagement from all emails sent to contacts in this list across all campaigns.