The timezone property in Mailmodo allows you to send your email campaigns based on the recipient's local time. By utilizing this information, you can ensure that your emails are delivered as per the local timezone for each recipient, which helps in increasing chances for better engagement of your campaigns. 

How does the "timezone" property work?

This property is present for all contacts by default because it is a system created property. For individual contacts, you will find this property on the left panel in the contact details page. By default, this will not have any values. So, to use this property for sending campaigns or segmentation. You need to first add values to this property for your contacts.  

Adding the timezone values in Mailmodo

You can add timezone for your contacts in Mailmodo via API or via using a CSV file. For API upload, you can send the timezone field in the API body. To understand better, check the API docs. In the below example, we will quickly create a CSV file and upload the timezone values for a contact. 

Step 1: Create a CSV file using any tool and add a column with name as "timezone". The property name is case sensitive so ensure that you add "timezone". Mailmodo supports the regional format for timezone values. You can check the support doc for list of supported format and values for timezone. 

Step 2: Upload this CSV in Mailmodo and ensure that your mapping is correct. You can add new contacts as well as update the existing contacts with the same process.

Step 3: Ensure that your mapping is correct. You can also validate your columns in the preview steps as well. Using the values in the CSV file, Mailmodo will automatically add/update the timezone property with the corresponding values in the CSV for each recipient, based on their timezone information.

Once the upload is successful, your contacts will have the timezone values. You can go ahead and use the timezone field  to now send campaigns and create  

Tip: Use Mailmodo’s segmentation capabilities to group recipients based on their timezone. This way, you can create targeted campaigns specifically designed for different regions or time zones.

Important Note: Incase you have uploaded incorrect timezone values by mistake, you can always re-upload with the correct timezone values and that will update your contact timezone. Also, if you want to remove timezone values for certain contacts, you can just keep the timezone values empty for those records/email IDs in your CSV.