Integrating Mailmodo with Whop Marketplace will automatically sync Members in your Whop account as contacts into Mailmodo. 

How to enable Whop Integration?

Step - 1: Go to Integrations in Mailmodo and click on Click to authenticate on the Whop

Step - 2: For Whop API Key, Go to Settings > Developer > API Keys in the Whop Dashboard. In case you don't have an API Key generated, please use Generate API Key option to generate one. 

Step - 3: Click Save after entering your API Key. Viola! The API key will be saved and the integration will be successfully enabled. Whop Integration will move to Connected Platforms.

Step - 4: Once the integration is enabled, all the Whop Members will be synced into Mailmodo. The same can be found in Mailmodo at Contacts > All contacts


How will the Whop Members be imported into Mailmodo?

  • All the Whop members, both Active and Churned, will be imported as contacts into Mailmodo. A list comprising with these contacts viz. Whop_All_Contacts can be found in Contacts > Segments and Lists 

  • Also, a list with corresponding to each pass will be created with the Whop_<Pass_Name> with all active contacts. If you have two passes viz. Gold and Platinum, then two lists with names Whop_Gold and Whop_Platinum will be created

  • When a new contact purchases a pass, the new member will be added to the corresponding list in automatically. Also, when an existing contact cancels a membership, then they'll be removed from the corresponding automatically.