Using Mailmodo, you can set an automated trigger for journeys when there is an occurrence of an event recorded on your Website, App or other platforms. To send events in Mailmodo, use our event api or integration with the Segment App. 

After the event is sent into Mailmodo, set up the trigger and design the complete journey. 

For example - Use this trigger, when the event sent into Mailmodo is a Sign up event and run a journey for a contact who has just signed up on your platform. 

Key steps:

Step 1: Create a new journey. 

Step 2: Select ‘Occurrence of an event’ as the trigger. 

Step 3: Search and select the relevant event from the dropdown. 

Step 4:. You can add a filter to set up a trigger for specific event property. 

Step 5: Click on ‘Save’ to complete the configuration. 

Step 6: Design the complete journey and click on the Publish button. 

Journey being published would mean that the journey is running and is waiting for the event to occur and run journey for that contact.